Firefox Download Buttons

There are two Firefox download button helpers in bedrock to choose from. The first is a lightweight button that links directly to the /firefox/download/thanks/ page. Its sole purpose is to facilitate downloading the main release version of Firefox.

{{ download_firefox_thanks() }}

The second type of button is more heavy weight, and can be configured to download any build of Firefox (e.g. Release, Beta, Developer Edition, Nightly). It can also offer functionality such as direct (in-page) download links, so it comes with a lot more complexity and in-page markup.

{{ download_firefox() }}

Which button should I use?

A good rule of thumb is to always use download_firefox_thanks() for regular landing pages (such as /firefox/new/) where the main release version of Firefox is the product being offered. For pages pages that require direct download links, or promote pre-release products (such as /firefox/channel/) then download_firefox() should be used instead.


See for documentation and supported parameters for both buttons.

External referrers

Generally we encourage other websites in the Mozilla ecosystem to link to the /firefox/new/ page when prompting visitors to download Firefox, since it provides a consistent user experience and also benefits SEO. In some circumstances however sites may want to provide a download button that initiates a file download automatically when clicked. For cases like this, sites can link to the following URL:


Including the s=direct query parameter here will ensure that Windows download attribution is collected and recorded correctly in Telemetry. Also, make sure to not include the locale in the URL, so that bedrock can serve the most suitable language based on the visitor’s browser preference.


This download URL will not automatically trigger a download in older Internet Explorer browsers. If that’s important to your visitors, then you can use a conditional comment to provide a different link.

<!--[if !IE]><!-->
    <a href="">Download Firefox</a>

<!--[if IE]>
    <a href="">Download Firefox</a>