Firefox Accounts Signup Form


Certain bedrock pages may feature a Firefox Accounts signup form. As this form has conditional functionality based on distribution (e.g. the China re-pack), the form should only be displayed to users of Firefox 48 and up.


Firefox 48 is the minimum version needed to support the distribution property from UITour (which is how we detect the China re-pack).

Testing the signup flow on a non-production environment requires additional steps.

Configuring bedrock

Set the following in your local .env file:


Configuring a demo Server

Demo servers must have the same .env setting as above. See the Configure Demo Servers docs.

Local and Demo Server Testing

Follow the instructions provided by the FxA team. These instructions will launch a new Firefox instance with the necessary config already set. In the new instance of Firefox:

  1. Navigate to the page containing the Firefox Accounts form
  2. If testing locally, be sure to use instead of localhost